Ascendant Covenant Benefits

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=The Carthian Movement=
Ascendant Carthians find it easy to interact with the mortal world and co-exist with the mortals in the domain. By calling in a favor or otherwise greasing mortal wheels, Carthians can find an improvised haven somewhere in the city on very short notice, not needing to return to their normal homes. They cannot be left without a shelter unless they are taken outside the city. Such improvised havens do not grant any of the benefits of the Haven Merit, however.

Once per month, every ascendant Carthian can also call on her resources to attract a small crowd of mortals (between 8 and 15 people, depending on how many would be available in the area). These humans help out in an activity of the Carthian’s choice, whether staging a protest outside an elder’s haven or building a simple structure for a community group, so long as the activity is fairly innocuous and in line with the Carthian’s rhetoric. This activity cannot involve anything immediately illegal beyond what might be expected of non-violent protesters. A sit-in is reasonable, but an armed uprising or robbery is not. The mortals also have no particular loyalty to the Carthian in question, so do not risk their lives or a lengthy jail sentence unless other means are used to convince them. In lieu of using this group for a thematic element in a scene, a Carthian could use these people in a Minor Action once a month to do 1 Downtime’s worth of improving a Site they own. (Stat must be included in the action)

=The Circle of the Crone=
Circle members find it very easy to develop small groups of mortal followers. Most of these people are typically convinced that they’re involved in nothing more than a pagan worship circle. By making requests for help in ritual research or observances, a Circle member can use these mortals to help out with large rites (provided they don’t violate the Masquerade), or to perform tedious and mundane research and acquisition of materials involved in rites. Ascendant Acolytes thus gain the equivalent of two dots of the Allies (Occult) Merit. This is a separate instance of the Allies Merit and does not combine with any similar Merits a character may already have. This Merit cannot be used for tasks that are overtly supernatural or illegal.

While engaged in rituals and similar observations, Acolytes also gather great spiritual strength from their faith. The knowledge that their covenant is dominant in a city — represented by ascendant status — strengthens the faith of those in the Circle of the Crone, allowing each member to regain a spent point of Willpower each week as they perform their rituals (during downtime).

=The Invictus=
When the Invictus is ascendant, members of the First Estate are protected from the vampiric games of rumor and innuendo. An Invictus Prince cannot lose any City Status dots during a month in which his covenant is ascendant, and Harpies who are not themselves members of the First Estate must spend three points of Status for every dot of City Status they wish to remove from a member of the Invictus. Finally, no member of the Invictus can have his last dot of City Status stripped from him, unless the Prince or Master of Elysium doing so is herself a member of the covenant.

=The Lancea Sanctum=
When the Lancea Sanctum is ascendant, the covenant’s deep-seated belief in the righteousness of its cause combines with its influence in the city to strengthen the Sanctified ability to carry on the fight. Once per week, a Sanctified character may pray to Longinus and regain a spent point of Willpower. This prayer takes a full minute if done during a game session and approximately an hour if performed during downtime.

In a city where the Lancea Sanctum is ascendant, all Sanctified characters are further considered exempt from the authority of all Kindred officers save the Prince and Harpies — unless the officer in question is also Sanctified. The Master of Elysium cannot strip covenant members of City Status and the Sheriff cannot order them about. This exemption doesn’t provide any supernatural protection — it is merely considered unthinkable (and a sin against the city, see p. 289) to attack an ascendant Sanctified.

=The Ordo Dracul=
When the Ordo Dracul is ascendant, the Dragons’ confidence in their mystical abilities and the supremacy of their territory is so unshakeable that they are socially unflappable. For every dot of City Status she has at the beginning of the month, a Dragon may ignore the result of a single Social (instant or extended) action performed against her that is not supernatural in nature.

What’s more, each Dragon can select a discreet territory (a non-Influential Site) and claim it as her personal Site when the covenant is ascendant (Site can be claimed without spending any Downtimes or Resources). The Dragon may not lay claim to a Site already claimed by another unless she has a higher City Status. The Ordo normally uses this privilege to ensure that members have access to all the best wyrm nests at which to perform their mystic rites, though it has certainly seen more petty application. The DT cycle after Ascendancy is lost, all claims to territories are lost unless the Dragon spends the Resource value of the Site to maintain ownership. Otherwise, it falls unclaimed or back to the original owner.

=The Unaligned=
Should the unaligned somehow become ascendant, the domain is effectively an outlaw paradise. Other Kindred recognize the lawlessness of the domain and the futility of expecting the Traditions or Elysium to be upheld. The following rules take effect:
• The Benefits of Hosting Gathering do not apply. The Master of Elysium may still determine who is hosting for Gathering and may still admonish Kindred for violations. Willpower costs to do violence are no longer in effect.
• No boons are enforceable within the Domain. Kindred may freely ignore any debts they have, and may not be retroactively reprimanded by the Harpy/Herald or Prince if ascendancy is ever lost.
• The Harpy/Herald and Prince need not justify their praise or admonishments by the “Praiseworthy Deeds” and “Sins Against” charts. Instead they may praise and admonish at their whim alone (Mechanical limits still apply)
• All existing Bloodhunts are cancelled. No new Bloodhunts may be called during this ascendancy. (This includes against NPC characters)

Ascendant Covenant Benefits

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