Character Creation

Any rules not listed here follow the Minds Eye Theater Red and Blue books as a general guideline. If you are unsure of a rule, please email or contact us at

Where to Start 
When beginning your character, a common pitfall many people encounter is becoming overwhelmed with choice. "Which Clan do I pick? Which Covenant?" The best approach is to start with a Core Concept for your character that sounds interesting to you, and you will often find Skills, Attributes, and other choices comes easily. For example: Are you a Punk Rocker? A Private Eye? A Talented Surgeon? An Ancient Warrior? A Political Deviant?

Settling on a core concept helps inform not only your mechanical choices, but your narrative ones.

=Clan and Covenant= 
* New players ca77n pick a clan and covenant of their choosing, although there are XP incentives for playing a character belonging to clan or covenant that is currently small in terms of active players (subject to ST discretion). [[Character Creation#Low%20Clan%20&%20Covenant|See below]]
* Note that most covenants have a type of Hierarchy consisting of special interest groups or extremely tight knit coteries that should not be entered into lightly upon character creation or as an IC pursuit. Examples include: The Most Honorable Order of the Thorned Wreath (Invictus), The Octopus (Invictus), Dynastic Houses (Invictus), Sworn of the Axe, Dying Light, Mysteries (Ordo), the Exorcists or Godslayers, (Lancea Sanctum). Making such a connection with your character should not be entered into lightly as these are the upper echelon of the Covenants that are held in the highest esteem and often give a character bit of sway over others. Betraying these type of honors is something not met with a light hand in the world of darkness, usually earning the full ire of the group whether it is PC or NPC.
* To be deeply entrenched in the traditions of a covenant is just that, to be deeply entrenched. Going forward, we want players to understand that it is fantastic flavor for a character to be so ingrained in a covenant, but you must present knowledge of the faction and traditions as well as understand there is no hope of leaving your covenant without repercussions even if PCs are allowing it
For character creation, if you wish to be a member of a special group this will be an additional circumstance that you will have to discuss with the ST Crew for the sheet to be approved.

=Initial Creation= 
Your Dot distribution follows the initial details outlined in the Blue and Red Minds Eye Theater Books. Below we've highlighted some specific rules to keep in mind that may affect your choices.
* Attributes
* Players are encouraged to act within the confines of their Attributes.
* A Dot One Attribute should be played with some level of associated difficulty, while a Dot Five would have the easiest time of all.
**** An Intelligence One character should think slowly, or not get some basic concepts, for example
**** A Resolve Five character would, more so than others, be able to stand firm when faced with confrontation
* “Paying Your Dues” Rule
* Dot 0 Skills: Because the larp system encourages specialization by design, we are not imposing any penalty for being untrained in a skill beyond that dictated by the book: a -1 penalty on untrained Physical/Social skills and a -3 penalty on untrained Mental skills.
**** Players with only dot 1 in any Social or Mental Attribute MUST roleplay having the low Attribute, or they will be asked to purchase dot 2 by the STs. Players with dot 2 or more can roleplay normally without any required way of acting.
**** Each new character has a grace period of until the end of their respec period (6 games) to buy their Attribute dots up to at least 2 before the STs will hold the player to the roleplay requirements.
* Skills
* You may not take supernatural specialties for skills.
* For example: "Cruac" or "Mesmerism" are not a viable skill specialties
* A specialization must be specific, broad categories such as "The Supernatural" or "Research" are not valid specializations.
Grapple as a Brawl specialty is broken down into several other specializations:
* Initiating Grapple
Attacking in Grapple
* Immobilization
Escaping from Grapple
* Animal Forms and Melds (for characters with Protean) cannot be purchased using starting specializations.
Weaponry specializations may only be taken for the basic weapon groups in the Minds Eye Theater Blue Book
* Any other weapons (Such as Katanas, Special Guns, and so on) will always fall into one of these base groups
Check with a Storyteller if you are unsure what type of weapon it would be considered
* Merits
* Blood Potency cannot be purchased with Merit Dots, only Experience expenditures
Any merit that is listed as "Character Creation Only" must be purchased with the seven initial starting Dots.
* This includes things such as Eidetic Memory and Ambidextrous
This includes things such as Eidetic Memory and Ambidextrous
* All characters begin with One Dot of Clan and Covenant Status for free
All characters begin with a Haven of Size One for free. This Haven is assumed to be located in the Outlands unless otherwise specified.
** Players may only possess one Mentor

* Disciplines
* Dominate is available to use while Possessing a mortal/ghoul with Dominate 5
Protean 3 (Claws) is considered Supernatural Weaponry
* The "Two Weapon Fighting Style" merit still does * The "Two Weapon Fighting Style" merit still does not apply when facing claws
* Clan-Specific Disciplines //cannot// be taught.
* This includes Auspex, Protean, Dominate, Majesty, and Nightmare
* Clan choice is therefore very important
Clan choice is therefore very important
* Any other non-specific Disciplines //can// be taught in-character.
* This includes Animalism, Celerity, Obfuscate, Resilience, and Vigor
* These secondary Disciplines should not factor as heavily into your Clan choice
These secondary Disciplines should not factor as heavily into your Clan choice
* Two of the three initial Dots must be spent within your Clan's (or Bloodline's) listed Disciplines. The remaining Dot can be spent on Covenant-specific disciplines or a non-clan specific discipline.
* A Mekhet Lancea for example, may spend two of their three initial Dots for Auspex, Obfuscate, and/or Celerity. The third Dot could be spent on Theban Sorcery, Vigor, Resilience, or Animalism.
* A character can enter game with more than one level of a non-clan specific discipline (at out-of-clan XP cost) provided they have a Mentor with a dot rating greater or equal to the desired level of the non-clan specific discipline. No more than dot 1 can be bought with starting Discipline dots. This will lock that Mentor into having that Discipline whenever the sheet is made for them.
Casting Theban or Cruac Sorcery will gain a casting roll on the first, third, and seventh round of combat. This will cause sorcery to be more combat ready as an option

Bloodlines can be a fun and interesting expansion to a Character concept that goes beyond the base Clan limitations. However, it is recommended that newer players avoid bloodlines due to their typically more complex nature and story elements.

Should a player wish to possess a Bloodline at creation, they must meet the following criteria.
* A Character must possess at least Blood Potency Two
* If you possess Blood Potency Four or Greater, your sire does not have to be a part of the Bloodline
Any Blood Potency lower than Four, and your Sire must be a part of the Bloodline as well
* Some Bloodlines have restrictions on certain Covenants or Clans that must be met
* These Covenants or Clans can never be joined at any time during play
If you are a member of a given Clan or Covenant, you may not join a Bloodline that restricts that Clan or Covenant
* There is a [[eotp-larp/Rarity|Rarity] Cost associated with each Bloodline which must be paid
* Spend a Willpower Dot . This Willpower Dot can be purchased again at the cost of 8 Experience points.
* If a character should lose access to a non-clan specific discipline (Ex: Khaibit lose access to Obfuscate as a Mekhet), the character must spend the difference in Experience to retain the Discipline. (said Khaibit spends an additional 12 Experience to keep their Obfuscate 1 through 3)
* If a character should lose access to a clan-specific discipline (Ex: Les Gens Libre lose access to Protean as a Gangrel), the character would be refunded any Experience spent on the purchase of said clan-specific Discipline

Character Experience 
=Starting Experience= 
All characters gain 50 experience points to begin in addition to the starting Dots available to them.

=Gaining Additional Experience at Creation= 
* You may sell one point of Humanity in order to gain 5 experience
* This can only be done twice, down to Humanity 5 (Thus only allowing 10xp max to be gained)
Players must roll Derangement rolls for each point of Humanity they lose
* You may sell one point of your available Rarity at character creation for 5 experience
* [[#Low Clan & Covenant]]Creating a character that belongs to either a Clan or Covenant that is deemed small in terms of active players (subject to ST discretion and announced monthly via the [[IC & OOC GoogleGroups|Out of Character GoogleGroup]]) gains the new character +10XP. A new character can get +20XP total if both their Clan and Covenant are small.
* See below for ways to gain further experience

=Spending Experience= 
Most experience expenditures follow the Minds Eye Theater Blue and Red books. Below are specific rules that this game follows
* Disciplines
* Players with Mentors may purchase Non-Clan Specific disciplines in the Mentor's Clan up to the dot level of the Mentor
* Having a Daeva mentor for example allows you to purchase Celerity or Vigor
* Disciplines unique to specific Bloodlines can only be purchased if you are a member of that Bloodline. These cannot otherwise be taught or earned.
* Devotions
Because certain Disciplines will remain in clan and are unteachable, Devotions requiring these Disciplines can be purchased, but require an additional Experience spend of 1/3 (or minimum of 7, whichever is greater) of what the required Discipline would cost
* Example: Message in a Bottle, Carthians pg. 191, requires Auspex 3, Dominate 2
* This would only be open to Ventrue, Mekhet, and Bloodlines that have one of the prerequisites in clan. It costs 15xp to learn the devotion normally
**** For a Mekhet, it would cost 7 xp for a total of 22 xp. For Ventrue, 22 xp as well
* You must spend these points for every Devotion you purchase
Some Devotions also have a Rarity Cost associated with them

For ways to earn more experience, see our Experience System

Most players do not know how well their sheets will perform once actually in the game. You may have thought your investigation skills would come into great use, only to find yourself becoming politically savvy instead. Perhaps you find those Media allies don't go as far as you had hoped. Before entering play on what would be your sixth game as a character, a character is permitted ONE respec to adjust the character to more appropriately fit concept and playstyle. You can use your respec to switch from playing one character to a new character so long as you are still within the respec window. However, to limit the potential for abuse, doing so uses up your respec for this new character.

End of Chapter Bonus 
With a shift away from overarching plots we believe that the game would benefit from a more consistent time frame for character retirement. Because of this, you will get bonus experience for retiring a character in the months of January, May, and August. This coincides with starts / ends of semesters.
* To get this bonus, you must send the ST account with an e-mail confirming the retirement of your old character during that month. We don't need details of your next character at the time you confirm your retirement.
* You gain 5 times the current tier of your character for retiring your character during these time frames.

Retirement, Death, Rebirth 
* Mourning Bonus: If your character is killed or indefinitely removed from game (torpored, bloodhunted,etc.) during the course of gameplay you get a 10 xp "mourning" bonus towards your next character.
* As always, please remember Rule 0. Don't suicide a character that you intend to retire.
* *
Biggest Covenant:** From time to time, if one Covenant has a clear majority over the other Covenants, the ST’s may declare a Cap on that Covenant. What this means is that players cannot make new characters starting as part of this covenant. New players and ST characters are exceptions to this rule. While Unaligned and others are allowed to join the covenant, we strongly discourage people from using this as a way to circumvent the cap.

Helpful Hints 

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Character Creation

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