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Often players/characters will choose to communicate between game sessions. This is often done through individualized email messages (with the Storytellers CC'ed); however, when players/characters wish to reach a larger audience, such as the whole Domain, they can accomplish this by sending a message to various In-Character GoogleGroups. Alternatively, if they just want to know what's going on in the Domain, being on these GoogleGroups can keep a player/character informed. Out-of-Character (OOC) Groups are messages sent by players to the player base as detailed below. In-Character (IC) Groups represent written notes & letters, word of mouth, ghoul deliveries, couriers, etc between the characters on the Group. It is NOT an Email Group in character (unless specifically stated in the beginning of the message). Additionally, it's use in and of itself does not endanger the Masquerade. If there is an IC Group that you would like to see created, please contact the Storytellers.

[[#Email Code of Conduct]]Email Code of Conduct 
Please see the details listed at [[Player Guidlines for Conduct#Email%20Code%20of%20Conduct|Player Guidelines for Conduct]].

==Methods of Communication:== 
Some vampires are highly tech-savvy and say that they only reply to messages by actual email. Others have no interest in the modern computer and require all missives to be delivered by hand to one of their sites or P.O. Box. These styles and others are all acceptable forms of communication and are assumed to be able to reach the Kindred community at large (if desired.)

Additionally, any In-Character messages can be represented with a physical copy; however no other information besides the contents of the message can be gleaned from the physical copy (Example: Spirit’s Touch cannot be used to determine the writer's emotional state, nor can the paper be DNA swabbed to get a positive match to anyone).

Storytellers/Narrators will clarify in what form any messages are sent for the purpose of a plot and which skills or disciplines are applicable to investigate said messages.

Interference with Emails / Missives: 
If and only if the sender specifies in the original missive that the message is sent via email, then characters (at ST discretion) can potentially hack an email account to delete any sensitive information. Otherwise, it is assumed that communications cannot be manipulated/altered.

[[@!forum/eotp-ic|IC Group]] (For all in-character announcements or other communication meant to reach everyone in the city.)

Circle of the Crone
[[!forum/eotp-acolytes|Circle of the Crone]]
[[!forum/eotp-carthian|Carthian Movement]]<br /> [[!forum/eotp-invictus|Invictus]]
[[!forum/elysium-on-the-prairie---lancea-sanctum-|Lancea Sanctum]]<br /> [[!forum/eotp-ordo-dracul|Ordo Dracul]]

[[!forum/elysium-on-the-prairie---clan-nosferatu-|Nosferatu]]<br /> [[!forum/eotp-shadows|Mekhet]]<br /> [[!forum/eotp-daeva|Daeva]]<br /> [[|Ventrue]]<br /> [[!forum/eotp-savages|Gangrel]]

[[#OOC Group]][[@!forum/eotp-ooc|OOC Group]] (For all out-of-character announcements regarding game times, social events, etc.)
[[!forum/eotp-rules|Mechanics Announcements]] (For asking rules questions to the STs that might be pertinent for others to know as well. This is not the place to argue rules decisions.)
[[!forum/eotp-discussion|Mechanics Discussion]] (For debating rules decisions and mechanics. Being in this Group is unnecessary, and generally not advised unless you're interested in rules debates.)
[[!forum/eotp-random|Random Chatter]] (For chatting about any topic that isn't game-related [e.g. anime, sports teams, kittens.])

=How to Join= 
To sign up, first click on the link of your desired Group. You will be taken to a page similar to below, where you will click "Apply for Membership" //(highlighted below)//

[[image:GoogleGroup1.png width="800" height="332"]]

The page will then adjust to display the application. Make any adjustments on your display name.
* Then select your preferred update setting //(highlighted below//). Many players have it set to "Send me an email for every new message" to get each message as it is sent to the Group.
* In the Additional Information box //(also highlighted below)//, put at minimum your player name and character name so the Storytellers know who is requesting approval.
* Then click "Apply to join this group." Once clicked, this submits the request to the Storytellers who will approve it as their time permits.

[[image:GoogleGroup2.png width="800" height="464"]]

=Leaving a Group= 
To leave a group, first visit [[|,]] then click on My Groups //(as highlighted below)//
[[image:GoogleGroupLeaving1.png width="800" height="407"]]

This will bring up a list of all your GoogleGroup memberships. Click on Edit Memberships //(as highlighted below).//

[[image:GoogleGroupLeaving2-1.png width="800" height="416"]]

This will bring up a detailed list of your GoogleGroup memberships. Clicking on any of the "Leave this group" buttons //(highlighted below)// will immediately remove you from the corresponding GoogleGroup.

[[image:GoogleGroupLeaving3-1.png width="800" height="386"]]

Google Groups

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