New Players Guide

Welcome to Brave New Midnight! This is a guide for New Players new to either the Organization or to Vampire: The Requiem at large. The following will outline some basic information about the way this game is run and introduce you to some basic concepts.

=The World of Darkness and the Danse Macabre= 
The World of Darkness is a dark reflection of our own. Within it, all concepts of Myth, Legend, and Conspiracy bleed forward, creating a much more desperate and bleak setting. Murder, kidnapping, and theft are common place. Monsters of myth and legend are real, and walk among us. As a player you portray a Kindred, commonly known as a Vampire, as you make your way through this Dark World and eek out an existence for yourself.

Kindred engage in an Endless Struggle fought in the shadows of mortal society. This conflict is known as the Danse Macabre, or The Dance of Death, and it places an eternal balance that must be kept amongst the Damned. This secret war is both the beginning and the end for the undead. As a race, they are destined to blood and violence, yet their survival depends on peace between them. They are consumed nightly by the possibility that the war will consume them, and they toil ceaselessly in fear of having to forever struggle against their own kind. The conflict is perhaps the greatest, saddest paradox of the Kindred world, and as such, it is a fundamental aspect of unlife among the Damned.

Kindred will plot and scheme, constantly shifting pieces of a great puzzle. Kindred are inherently selfish creatures, looking to extend their own Requiem and bring about the end to others'. Even those who seek to retain their Humanity and bring about a better world, merely fool themselves into thinking such a thing is possible. This struggle is the main theme of Vampire: The Requiem, and is represented by the actions of players within the game vying for personal power and position.

Players embody characters through mechanical sheets that represent their abilities, resources, and theme. Utilizing what is available to them, players engage in a mix of Live Action Role Play and Mechanical Competition. Alliances are formed, enemies are made, and conflict is set in motion by the players that becomes the core focus of the game.

Storytellers, or STs, are the overseers of the game. They will manage plot, conduct combat, track character progression, and more. Those familiar with other Roleplaying games could consider them "DMs" or "GMs." The Name Storyteller however highlights their first and foremost duty: Creating an interesting and dynamic world for the players to live within.

There are numerous ways characters interact with the game. There are a determined number of live games each month in which players interact on a personal level. Between these games, Gameplay moves into the abstract, allowing email and forum exchanges to occur, in which further plot and scheming can develop. Additionally, there is a concept of Downtime Actions, things Players can do in between these Live Action Sessions to improve themselves, attack others, and complete a variety of other tasks.

When playing, it's important to remember the Commandments of Game

=Character Generation= 
Ultimately, the Minds Eye Theater Red and Blue books will be the most helpful in building your character. This Guide will largely be tailored to unique concepts within the EoTP Setting.

The above two books will outline a large portion of character creation, Clans, and Covenants you can join. When starting a new character, players receive 50xp in addition to the initial Build Dots outlined in the two books above. If you wish to go deeper into your character's history, you can fill out the character questionnaire for a reward of 15 xp.

If you do not have the books readily with you, The Storytellers can provide you with the books at the Game Date.

=Developing Character Background= 

When creating a character, the easiest way to begin is to develop a basic premise. Are you a Punk Rock Revolutionist? A Wealthy Socialite? A Brooding Relgious Fanatic? Developing a core theme for your character will help you begin to think of which Clan, Covenant, Disciplines and Skills you may wish to select when creating your character.

To get a general idea of what you might like to play, the Covenants and Clans are outlined briefly below. You can also check out our Character Questionnaire for more ideas on how your Character developed into who they are today.

Each clan represents various Archetypes found within traditional lore and Myth. Below is a brief description of each Clan available to players. Choice of Clan determines both a thematic starting point, but also mechanical abilities, flaws, and benefits.
* Daeva: Passionate, charming and sophisticated. Daeva are creatures of manipulation, gaining the use of Majesty. As creatures of Passion, they give into their Vices more easily than others.
* Gangrel: Savage and primal, yet noble. Gangrel are creatures of primal strength, gaining the use of Protean. Their primal nature limits the mental capacity of the Kindred.
* Mekhet: Mysterious, silent and deadly. Mekhet are creatures of intrigue, gaining the use of Auspex. Clinging to the shadows, Mekhet take additional damage from exposure to Sunlight.
* Nosferatu: Rejected, outcast and disturbing. Nosferatu are frightening creatures of urban legend, gaining the use of Nightmare. Due to their often jarring appearance, Nosferatu take penalties in social situations.
* Ventrue: Lordly, commanding and corrupt. Ventrue command both Kindred and Mortal mind with the use of Dominate. Members of this Clan are more likely to give way to insanity, more easily gaining Derangement.

Each Covenant represents political and social beliefs within Kindred society. These organizations are large and united in common goals to help give a Kindred's unlife purpose. Members of the same Covenant do not inherently get along, however.
* Carthian Movement: Kindred who seek a progressive government for their own kind. This is a Covenant who believes in change for the sake of change itself.
* Circle of the Crone: Pagan blood-sorcerers bound in worship of their goddess(es). Members of the Crone believe all beliefs are just one smaller part of a greater collective entity known as The Crone.
* Invictus: Neo-feudalists hungry for power and money as well as blood. Invictus hold firm to their beliefs of Tradition, often coming in conflict with The Carthians.
* Lancea Sanctum: Kindred who believe they are Damned by God to carry out a Holy Purpose. Devout in belief and religious fury, the Lancea Sanctum often conflict with the religious beliefs of The Circle of the Crone.
* Ordo Dracul: Claiming origins from Dracula himself, the Ordo are dedicated to transcending their condition and becoming more than undead through both scientific research and mysticism.

You can also check out our Character Creation Guide on more specific and complex details on Character Creation

=Experience Points (XP)= 
At character creation, you have an additional 50 experience points (XP) to use on your character to help flesh out the concept. As you attend games, your character grows and develops their skills. This is represented by earning experience points that can be spent improving your character's abilities. <span style="background-color: #ffffff;">For attending each game, players earn a number of XP based on their character's current experience total. </span>See the newly revised Experience System page for more details on the experience system and ways to earn additional XP.

=The Downtime= 
Between each game, the World zooms up to a more abstract level, but does not stop existing. Players are able to send emails, interact with each other, and continue to Roleplay and develop their character, plots, and more. 
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=Other Questions?= 
[[|Email the Storytellers]]

New Players Guide

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