Stealth Rules

Actions within the Downtime have a chance of being noticed by other Kindred. There are two types of Actions, each providing their own level of Stealth, listed below.
=Obtrusive Actions=
An Obtrusive Action has a chance of actually being discovered. When taking an Obtrusive Action, your Stealth can be influenced in several ways.

  • //Inherent Stealth//
    • This is, by default, how Stealthy your character is
    • Inherent Stealth is determined by your dots of either Obfuscate or Dominate, whichever your character has more of.
      • 0-1 dots: 0 passive Stealth successes.
      • 2-3 dots: 1 passive Stealth success.
      • 4-5 dots: 2 passive Stealth successes.
    • A character can choose to voluntarily forgo Inherent Stealth, Active Stealth, or Influenced Stealth for any action. This must be specified in the Downtime box when performing the action. This is traditionally done so that someone may see that a boon was repaid through your actions, or to send a message by making your presence obvious.
  • //[[#Active Stealth]]Active Stealth//
    • Players may spend One Downtime dedicated to covering their tracks
    • One Downtime Action of Active Stealth will cover all other Actions you perform that Downtime Session
    • Active stealth will replace the Stealth of all Downtime Actions taken, as long as it is higher than your Inherent Stealth
    • Active Stealth can be determined by the following pools
      • Mundane
        • ( Intelligence or Wits ) + Politics + Equipment
        • Dexterity + ( Larceny or Stealth ) + Equipment
        • Presence + ( Intimidation or Persuasion ) + Equipment
        • Manipulation + ( Streetwise or Subterfuge ) + Equipment
      • Supernatural
        • ( Intelligence or Resolve ) + Stealth + Obfuscate
        • Wits + ( Intimidation or Expression ) + Dominate
  • //Influenced Stealth//
    • Comes into play when a player sends a Retainer, Ally or Mentor to take an action
    • Influenced Stealth is determined by the Influence Merit’s level ( See Influence Merit Rules )
    • Patrols which discover Influenced Merits will only receive that Merits name
      • Players must follow up with a targeted investigation next Downtime Session to discover who the Influence works for

=Unobtrusive Actions=
The Following is a list of Actions which will gain no attention from Other Kindred. If an action is not listed here, chances are you can potentially be discovered for taking it.

  • Active Stealth Attempts
  • Buying Mundane Items
  • Defending a Haven
  • Improving a Site you Own
  • Email and Forum Scenes
  • Meditation
  • Mekhet Eminence Questions
  • Moving your Haven
  • Occupying an Alternate Haven
  • Research
  • Spending Experience
  • Status Checks
  • Teaching Disciplines / Rituals / Devotions to other Characters
  • Transferring items or funds
  • Merit Upkeep (Fighting Styles, etc.)

Opposing Stealth are other Player’s Patrol Actions. See the Patrol Rules for more information.

Stealth Rules

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